Dress it up.

So when you need to wear a dress but don't need to be dressed to the nines, it can kinda be confusing on what is appropriate to wear. Is it ok to wear nice pants? Is it ok to wear a dress? Is it ok to be more dressed up? The answer to all of that is your always safe with a little black dress. But I will talk you through some different scenarios.

Casual dress. This would be good for around town, running errands, Sunday church, or family get together. Pair boots and a cardigan really dresses the outfit down. You can dress this up by adding heels and taking off the jacket and adding jewelry. 
Post on this outfit here.

Another casual Sunday dress. Again you can wear this to family get together, church, errands. A simple pencil skirt and boots. I love this outfit. It is super comfortable and easy. Original post here.

This outfit is another perfect church outfit. I use these boots a lot sorry. I love them and I got them at a super amazing price. I love boots with dresses. It makes a dress so much more casual. Original post here.

This is perfect for a wedding or a going to a play. Some people just do not like to wear skirts or dresses. Here I wore shorts with tights and heels. It was still super comfortable and I still looked presentable and appropriate. I went to see Scarlet Pimpernel in this outfit. Original post here.

This is perfect for weddings, nice dinners, cocktails, it is just a fun dress that can be used so many ways. I kind of again made it casual with a jacket. If you want to keep it dressed up take of the jacket. If you wanted it even more casual, remove the tights, add heels and grab a black cardigan.
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I wore this dress to a wedding with a pair of heels and a blazer. I like to dress things down a lot as you can see. I dressed it down by adding combat boots and a leather jacket. When I wore this to a wedding I wore heels and jewelry and a cute blazer. You really make things casual with styling it different ways. 

I wore this to my husbands work party. It was at a nicer place so jeans wouldn't be appropriate. I wasn't feeling a dress that day. So I again paired a nice pair of shorts with tights and heels. I used a really cute blouse and paired it with a nice jacket. I got this clutch from his party :) and it is so much easier than a purse. Original post here.

This is a little more dressed up. I wore this to church on Sunday. You can wear this to a wedding, you can wear it to an event, a nice restaurant. I like pairing different colors. It is my personal style taste. I learned that from Stacy London. She always had like green shoes with a purple dress, or like what I am wearing red shoes with a blue dress. She is one of my style icons. Original post here.

This is a very springy dress and as you can see I am in a foot of snow. It is ok to wear spring in winter when styled for the winter. You can make it more winter buy adding a leather jacket. Or if it is to feminine for you, you can give it more edge buy adding a motorcycle jacket. My feet were still so freaking cold though..a dress I couldn't pair with boots....sadness. Original post here.

Hahah I live in skirts and boots. They are my favorite to wear. I am not a girly girl, so I love it when I can wear a skirt with skulls! You can again dress this up with some black heels. I used tights boots and a jacket again. It is just how I like to style my clothes. I love jackets and boots. I could spend a fortune on them. Original post here.

I love this dress. This would be perfect for a wedding. I wore this to church even. This would also be good for an event, or a family get together, a nice picnic. It is so versatile and so dang cute. Original post here.

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