Day to Night

So today was a really great day. My hubby had the day off and I got to watch my nephew. Then my adorable niece came over for a play date. It was a lot of fun to be around family today. I sure enjoy them. We also got tickets to the Scarlet Pimpernel and it was amazing. We had a really good time. It is my favorite musical and I go and see it whenever I have the chance. So for today I did a day to night outfit. You don't have to fully change an outfit to make it dressy :) Girls you can still dress like ladies and be fashionable you don't need to show a lot of skin. I feel when I go out I see younger girls dressed in outfits that are so not who they are. It is away for them to receive attention. Maybe it's just me but I think women who dress classy are the most attractive.I know some have issues with the tights with shorts, but I love it.  Have an awesome evening everyone!

Day Outfit
Red under shirt: Target
Floral Shirt: Rue21
Shorts: Rue21
Tights: Ross
Boots: Rue21

Night Outfit
Same Red Under Shirt: Target
Black Shirt: Forever21
Same Black Shorts: Rue21
Same Tights: Ross
Shoes: Shii
Earrings: My sisters closet :)