Latest Obsession

So lately I have been spending hours watching makeup tutorials on YouTube. Don't judge. I have been considering purchasing MAC products so I have been doing my homework. I came across a few people who love love love MAC. And I hear wonderful things about the quality, the pigments of the color I was ready to buy buy buy. But then I came across ELF. And I know its like comparing high end to low end but its makeup I use it and it comes off, so I don't want to spend hundreds on just makeup. I am way to cheap for that :). And I recently purchases a few things from ELF. The primer is amazing..I have a ULTA brand primer that cannot compare. I paid $18.00 for the ULTA brand and $3.00 for the ELF primer. I really do like most of the ELF products I have. I am usually an AVON snob but ELF is really fantastic and with a price range from $1.00-10.00. So ya I would recommend them if you want to build your makeup collection without spending a pretty penny.

Happy Sunday!

I apologize I look super tired in these pics...I really am exhausted my husband and I have had a really hard time sleeping lately. We have no idea why, maybe we talk to much at night I don't know.
Shirt: Rue21 ( my sister got it for me)
Jacket: Ross
Shorts: Rue21
Tights: Ross
Shoes: Shi
Clutch: Got it in a stocking from my husbands work party :) super cute.