Highs and Lows all around

Well it has definitely been a rough year!! I know it has for me, and I know it has been for some of my friends and family members. And folks it won't get better it will just get easier to handle. I don't mean to go all deep, but this time of year I think a lot about my Grandpa who I hold close to my heart. I also think a lot about my Aunt and how much I miss them both. I think about my cousins a ton at this time. I wish there was something I could do. Then my husbands side suffered quite the blow this year. And watching all of this transpire is probably one of the hardest things I have encountered in my life. When it is your grief, you know what is going on, how to handle it, what your mind is conjuring up. When you are watching people grieve it worries you. You don't know what is in their mind or how they will mourn. My husband has some of the strongest family members. And they have a special place in my heart. All I can say that helps me not go completely mental is to push on. It is so hard sometimes. Pushing the pause button on life is the worst thing you can do. And believe me I have done it a few times. And it has hurt more than helped. Live the lives you were given and we are allowed to mourn, and sometimes you mourn for years. And that is just fine. No one is allowed to interfere with that process. I just want everyone to know there is always someone to talk to. Who loves you very much. Parents, friends, siblings, a member of a shared faith. To all those struggling right now trust me you are not alone.
Sorry to get a little deep for a sec. :) We all have those moments of clarity right?
So on to the outfit, it was fitting for a high low skirt to match my high low post. Corny but it fits.

Jacket: Ross
HighLow Skirt: Forever 21
Tights: Ross
Shoes: Rue21
Necklace: Claires
Earrings: Rue21