Boots and Shirtdresses

Sorry I am a huge fan of shirt dresses and boots especially when its paired with tights and a sweater
Today we had a yard sale. We are trying to clean out a bunch of junk. We got ride of a lot of stuff, but hauling the rest to the DI is going to be fun...NOT. I didn't really do my hair or makeup today that is way I am hiding behind a pair of shades. I don't look hideous...but it really is a naked feeling without makeup. No necklace today. One of my pet peeves is over accessorized people. With the belt and earrings and boot with a shirtdress you don't need to have a whole lot of jewelry. It overwhelms the eye. In an outfit like this you want it to look effortless. Not overpowered.  I don't know why I hunched in this picture it makes my boobs look saggy. Oh well lesson learned lol. If any of you have seen The Emperors New Groove...Esme anyone...seriously her boobs are past her belly button..anyway. I don't know where I was going with that...oh well enjoy. And remember
As Chanel always said, "When Accessorizing always remove the last accessory you put on."

 Sweater: Rue21
Shirtdress: Rue21
Tights: Rue21
Earrings: Rue21
Boots: Amazon
Belt: Rue21
I really need to stay away from Rue21....I am kind of an addict. But cute clothes for a reasonable price and sister who works can you go wrong with that???
Bytheway if you ever go to Rue21 the Pink Ice perfume smells so stinking good!! And it is only ten bucks!! And always check their website for coupons, sometimes they have 40% off coupons and you can get the perfume for even cheaper. They have lots of sales all the time. Some of their shoes are a little crappy. But I do like the clothes!!!