X's & O's

Hey Babes,

Do you remember that song X's and O's by Elle King. I love that song, not the cleanest but it such a great song to sing and dance to.

So this project is such a cute little project to do solo or with the kids. I love the Wood Connection because it offers such fun, cute projects, for the whole family. I practically live at this place with my mom. It's therapeutic to do these holiday decorations.

Supplies Needed:

2 X's
2 O's
Red Paint
White Paint
Sanding Block
Paint Brushes

First your are going to need to sand the letters. These pieces of wood come raw so sand away the flaws and loose pieces of wood. 

x's & o's valentines day decor

Time to paint, when painting make sure to leave time in between coats to dry. I wanted the x's to be red and the o's to be white. 

x's & o's valentines day decor

I did a few coats for coverage. 

Let dry overnight.

Style with all your other cute Valentine's Day decor and enjoy. 

x's & o's valentines day decor

x's & o's valentines day decor

x's & o's valentines day decor

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