Mommy Style Monday: How to Connect with your Spouse

connecting with your spouse

Hey Babes,

After having Aria date nights are quite difficult. Sure we can hire a babysitter..but we trust very few to watch our daughter, and we want to be with her when we aren't working.

We get creative to connect with each other. We do our date nights at home after Aria goes to bed. I have a list of some fun at home things you and your spouse can do at home while all the kids are sleeping. It's inexpensive, you don't have to pay a sitter, and you connect with you spouse all at once.

netflix list of shows to watch

1. NETFLIX: I know Netflix is a very popular option for parents. Binge watching TV shows, watching movies you wouldn't otherwise watch. I love it. We usually take turns picking series to watch. We found Breaking Bad and Walking Dead this way. We don't have cable or satellite. We just have Netflix, so imagine our excitement when we see new TV shows appear on Netflix.

Some of our favorite shows:
-Gossip Girl (clearly my favorite, I have re watched this series 6 times)
-Walking Dead
-Breaking Bad
-Stranger Things (OMG we have to wait until Halloween for season 2??!)
-Top Gear
-Pretty Little Liars (Brandon was not a fan)
-Vampire Diaries
-Bates Motel (we are waayyy behind)
-American Horror Story (the first one..they got a little uhh..much the rest of the series)

What are your favorites? I am always looking for more things to watch.

cooking with your spouse

cooking with your spouse

2. COOKING: It is nice to cook or bake with Brandon. From cookies to bread. We talk and make something to eat selfishly without Aria. I am going to be honest it's usually ice cream, or popcorn, but whatever it is, it's good to do something with your spouse that encourages interacting.

3. CRAFTS: Brandon is actually really good at doing crafts. He is really good at building things. He is very detail oriented. He will sketch while I scrapbook, or we both paint something from The Wood Connection for our home. It is a fun way to get off your phones and computers and just chat about things.

4. BUILDING FURNITURE: I have to say this is mostly Brandon, but I can hop on the bike while he is cutting wood and building. Chatting about future plans, how our days went, what we will be doing the next day etc.

5. BOARD GAMES: I love Monopoly. Brandon is the only person that will play that game with me. I loose every time, but it's a lot of fun. There are so many fun games you can play with toy people.

-Trivial Pursuit
-Scene It

6. INTIMACY: Such an important part of connecting to your spouse. I cannot stress how important it is to shut off the phones and get be close to your spouse. There are so many ways to spice up the bedroom. The Dating Diva's always have fun and sexy games to keep that spark alive.

7. BON FIRES: I cannot wait to get our yard in this year and install a fire pit. I love sitting by the fire and just talking with Brandon. Sometimes we just sit in silence and appreciate all the things we have worked out butts of for. Roasting marshmallows and sitting under the stars. I love it.

8. PINTERESTING: It is fun to both hop on pinterest and show each other pins of things we want to make for our house, do to our car, or our yard. This is actually a really fun date.

9. LAY IN BED: This is such a nice relaxing thing to do. Sit in bed and just talk, relax and listen.

10. GO OUT; Get out of the house once in a while. Find a sitter and go out and connect. Use gift cards, or just splurge a little bit in the name of your marriage. Find new restaurants to try. Go see a movie you have been dying to see. Do something even if it's just going to walk around the mall. You need to get out, hold hands and just be a couple.

What are some ways you connect with your spouse?

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