Best App for storing memories

Hey Babes,

When I was little my mom saved every school art project. When we moved into my new house I inherited two big boxes of childhood artwork. I had no clue what to do with it. I was warned not to throw it out but I hate clutter and boxes. I ended up throwing most of it out anyway. I was thinking how am I going to preserve Aria's pieces?

I came across this app called Keepy. You can take a picture of your child's masterpiece and store it digitally on this app. You can save awards, milestones, art work pretty much anything. You can make a profile for each child organizing their work.

You can privately share their work with other family members and friends. They can even leave a video comment. It's also perfect for me because my mom watches my little girl while I'm at work and she can send me my daughters pieces with a video of my daughter talking about it. Making work a little easier to get through. I love this feature!

Keepy also gives the option of creating a high resolution photo book. Having the memories preserved in a fun book you can share for generations. A much simpler solution than having boxes and boxes of papers and crafts. Perfect for Mother's day..ehem hint hint Brandon!

Keepy offers a free app in the App Store,Android, and available for Kindle Fire. The free version offers you storage for 5 videos, or photos a month.

For 2.99 a month or 9.99 a year you can upgrade to have an unlimited amount of storage. If your an overly photographic mom like I am the yearly subscription is your best bet. 

What a fun and clever way to preserve these child hood memories without spending a fortune in scrapbook supplies, or drowning in storage boxes.

Download and try the app here.

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