Valentines Day Hair: Braided Side Bun

Hey Babes,

For all you lovely ladies single, or not who are going out, this is the hair do for you. It is so cute, took me five minutes and so gorgeous.

Supplies Needed:



Bobby Pins

Dry Shampoo


Teasing brush

First spry the roots with dry shampoo and brush knots and tangle out. The dry shampoo will give the hair texture, brushing out any knots will make braiding easier. 

braided side bun

Now braid your hair incorporating a new section as you work your way down. Much like a french braid. 

braided side bun

Secure braid with elastic and make a side pony tail. Secure that with an elastic. 

braided side bun

Tease the ponytail and hairspray to set in place. 

braided side bun

Randomly secure pieces with bobby pins. If you have thick coarse hair that doesn't stay put spray the bobby pin with hairspray before using them. Let them get tacky and then begin using them. Secure braid under pony tail disguising the end of the braid.

braided side bun

Now you have this gorgeous braided side bun to enjoy your Valentines Night. It looks perfect dressed up or casual. I would love to see your braided recreations. 

braided side bun

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