Mommy Style Monday: New Year Resolutions

Hey Babes,

I don't know about you, but I feel motherhood comes with a lot of guilt. If you work you feel guilty for not being with your kids, if your with your kids you feel guilty for not working and bringing in money. One of my resolutions...STOP FEELING GUILTY!

mommy resolutions

These resolutions for me are more attainable. I am sick of setting goals for myself that I realistically will never be able to accomplish. I just set my self up for failure every time. So when setting goals set realistic goals for yourself. Being a mom is hard enough, you don't need to add more guilt for not accomplishing goals.

1. Define work hours from family hours: I have been terrible at this lately. I let work bleed into family time and I am stopping that this year. I will only work when Aria is asleep (nap or bedtime). It isn't fair to her for my face to be in my phone when I should be playing with her. When we do play I am good at making a point to be down on the floor with her or at her level. 

mommy resolutions

2. Stop feeling guilty for everything: A little guilt will always be something mom's feel. I need to stop feeling guilty for being at work. I hate being away from Aria. It sucks, especially on long work days. It is good for her to spend time with her Grandma. It is good for me to make money for my family, and it is okay to be away. It is also okay to be home as much as possible. Hours are not important in the grand scheme of things. Family is and will always be first. I am getting better at making that a priority. 

3. Healthier Lifestyle: This year with the move, and holidays...we have had a terrible diet. Pizza has been a staple in our diet. This year we are going to have more home cooked meals. Less pizza, less take out. I am a struggling vegan, so I need to buckled down and just stick to it. I want Aria to have a healthy start at life. I need to accomplish this resolution. Once I get something in my head I am good about doing it, it's just getting the drive to do it... I slack.

5. Read more: Read more to Aria, read more for myself. I miss reading books. I think the last book I read from cover to cover was Hunger Games. We read to Aria every day but I would love to read more to her. She has so many books and it is so fun to bond with her.

6. Grow My business: Blogging is hard with a kid. My blog is a two man show (three when Aria wants to be a part). It is so hard to shoot pics, edit them and blog them. We normally shoot pics during nap time, if it is sunny or the background is no ideal we can't shoot. It isn't a huge deal but I would like to blog more consistently. Finding balance is key here.

7. Spend more time with Brandon: Lately it is been about work or Aria. The small time we do get together at night while Aria sleeps, I am sewing felt food, pinteresting or working. I need to balance everyone.

8. Listen less to Gossip: I hate gossip. I like making up my own mind about people. I never let someones opinion effect my opinion of someone else. That is childish, and stupid.

9. GET OFF MY PHONE: I feel like I am always on my phone. I need to take a break!

10. Learn more: I always strive to learn. I want to learn and find new hobbies. Learn how to decorate my home, learn more German. I love learning!

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