Easy Side Braid

Hey Babes,

Over the Christmas break I experimented with different braids. I finally realized I have never done my favorite side braid tutorial. I love this braid for lazy days, in between hair washes, and days I have to work. It takes me around 5-8 minutes to accomplish this braid. I love it. I don't have hair extensions, I have medium length layered hair. I do often have to pin down stray hairs with bobby pins. I hope you enjoy!

What You will Need:

Bobby Pins
Hairspray (cruelty free)

First comb through your hair get out any knots or tangles. I found that spraying your hair with dry shampoo not only helps untangle your hair it helps to braid it as well. 

Separate three strands of hair like you would for a normal braid. Start at the top of your head near your part. 

easy side braid

Start to braid.

easy side braid

After you have completed one braid start bringing in hair as you go down. Grab the top side bring it under, grab the bottom side bring it under. 

easy side braid

As you get closer to the base of your skull, start grabbing the hair on the other side. 

Braid all the way down and secure with an elastic.

easy side braid

Now tug at the braid so loosen it. 

easy side braid

Hairspray and go!

I hope you enjoyed this easy side braid tutorial. I had fun experimenting over the Holidays. I cannot wait to show you more! 

What easy ways do you do your hair? Do you have any super easy hair do's?

easy side braid

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