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As most of you already know being a parent comes with endless lists of planning for the future. Aria's birthday isn't until September, but I am already planning it. I remember in high school it was this time of year we started ordering invitations for Graduation. That was, almost 11 years ago (does not feel like it!) I remembered hating my invitations, they were too...normal. They were the exact thing everyone else was sending out. They were pretty, but I like different..customized. I wish I would have known about places like Basic Invites sooner. I was browsing there graduation section the other day  while looking at business cards, and they have the cutest graduation announcements and graduation invitations! Take a look.

custom graduation announcements

How freaking cute is that, and you can order thank you cards to coordinate! I am dying, if I knew Aria's graduation date I would probably be ordering hers right this second.

Anyway, so bloggers get sent lots of items, we work with a lot of different companies and even other bloggers. As a resolution, every company, blogger I work with I would love to send them a handwritten Thank You card. I am grateful  for companies who reach out and take a chance on us promoting their items. It is a lot of work being a business owner and a blogger. Basic Invites has some really cute thank you cards! I love this one. I will probably be ordering this!

custom thank you cards

Like I said before I am also looking for business cards. I don't think I have ever made any for my blog. These would be perfect to send out with the thank you notes, it helps remind the blogger or business you worked with that they can contact you in the future for any collaborations they have. I am kicking myself for not doing this earlier. There's not time like the present, right!? You can even make your thank you card coordinate with your business card. I am in OCD heaven.

custom business cards

Don't they coordinate beautifully! I cannot wait to get these ordered.

If your not looking for Graduation announcements, business cards, or thank you cards they have a large variety of printable needs.

Baby Shower Invitations:

baby shower invitations

Birth Announcement:

birth announcement

They even have all things wedding, first birthdays and so on. You can order in whatever color you desire to match your theme and style. Not many places have this option, you can have it completely custom to your liking. They also allow you to print a sample before you make a full order. That is an amazing option especially if it's for your big day! You can take your gorgeous invites a step further with their different color options of envelopes. They make your invite stand out and pop. What is even more don't have to lick them! They are a peel away. 

You can check out their amazing site and social media below. I am warning you, you will get sucked in to this site. I have been shopping now for an hour. I did't make Aria a birth announcement..maybe I will make one just for her baby book..see what I mean!

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