Ways to keep your Cat on the nice list.

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If your cats are anything like mine they are amazing to have around, but those times when they are naughty your furniture has fallen victim to their outbursts. We once took a hack saw to our couch legs because our cat kept hiding under the couch to lick her stitches. Same cat would attack our shower curtains. We figured this cat was just bored so not only did we get her a partner in crime we found different ways to occupy her.  I have three DIY projects to help these naughty cats become nice again this Holiday season. I love my cat's and I really want the treat them to a Merry Christmas by providing them little gifts to keep them happy, healthy, and on the nice list.

They love treats, what cat doesn't? We keep a stash handy for those moments of reward. Mars Pet and Walmart invite shoppers to share their pets personality and reward them with special offer. If they're nice they should get a treat, if their naughty maybe they just need a little treat.  I like to make them work for their treats. So we like to hide a few in some home made toys. These felt fish keep them busy. A busy cat is a nice cat. When they get bored that's when they get naughty

Felt Mouse Treat Toy (perfect for stocking stuffers!)


diy cat toy

First your going to print and cut out this fish template.

diy cat toy template

Cut out the fish from the template

diy cat toy

Staple or pin template to felt.

Cut out pieces

Now you going to blanket stitch the pieces together.

Leave a little hole to stuff treats into.

diy cat toy

Sew up that hole and watch your cats chase this fish around all day long!

If you are not into sewing the Temptations┬« Snacky Mouse is a great alternative. We gave one to Trinity last year and she still loves it! It makes a cute  present as well as a sticking stuffer for you sweet little cats!

diy cat toy

 If your cats do get bored while you are away have no fear I have a second DIY to help aid in the protection of furniture, curtains, bedding etc. This cat deterrent spray is super easy, and will take less than a few minutes to make.

DIY Cat Deterrent Spray:

diy cat deterrent spray

Fill the spray bottle up with water. (3/4 the way)

I usually add about 3 tablespoons of dish liquid. Make sure it is clear. You will be spraying your furniture and drapes, maybe even carpet with this spray. You don't want to discolor anything.

Add about 15 drops of lemon oil. Citrus smells are suppose to repulse cats.

Add the same amount of Eucalyptus Oil and shake the bottle well.

Spray areas that your cat loves the take aggression out on.

This makes a great gift for the other cat lovers in your life!

diy cat deterrent spray

Last of all, a well rested cat is less cranky and less likely to do naughty things. Cat's love sleeping inside of things. Mine love to burrow under our sheets. We decided to make a fun cat tepee. It is so simple and so adorable to style around your house. Makes for a silent night!

DIY Cat Teepee

diy cat teepee

Stretch the twin on the ground. Your going to lay two dowels down together side by side. You are going to lay a single dowel over the top like the picture below.

Using a figure 8 knot tighten and secure the dowels.

diy cat teepee

Now stand up the dowels and spread them out in a tent like position.

diy cat teepee

Place other two dowels up and secure them with the remaining twine.

diy cat teepee

Fold the blanket in half length wise and wrap it around the tent dowels. Tuck the remainder inside the tent.

Safety pin the fabric around the  top or sew it if you desire.

Now you have a spoiled cat.

diy cat teepee

diy cat teepee

The tepee also make a cute photo op for those fur baby Christmas Cards!

I got everything I needed for these projects at Walmart.
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