The key to having great hair. Tips and tricks to get and keep great hair.

Hey Babes,

One thing I get most complimented on is my hair. Hair is something I take very seriously. I have colored my hair so many times it was so damaged. After I had Aria I completely stopped coloring my hair. No high lights, no anything! It has been killing me not to change my hair but it has helped my hair strength significantly.

tips for great hair

I lost a lot of hair post partum, I have been searching for a product high and low to help it grow back. I have not found that miracle product yet, but I did find a shampoo and conditioner that makes your hair so soft and so smooth.

With frizzy red hair, I find a good smoothing hair product to be really beneficial. I only have a sample of these Monat products but even after one use I could tell my hair was so much smoother and softer.
It smells amazing. If you are interested in trying for yourself hit up Brooklyn Jolley. Her site will be linked HERE and her Instagram HERE.
It inspired me to do this post. I want to share with you tips to get and maintain great hair!

1. Product!

tips for great hair

The products you use in your hair are significant in having great hair. When you wash your hair shampoo once, but condition twice. A lot of Shampoos really strip your hair of nutrients. Leaving your hair dry and brittle. Find great products that work well.

If you use a lot of heat, USE HEAT PROTECTENT. It provides a barrier between your hair and the heat so it won't get fried, dry and break off.

Hair masks are always amazing I recommend using them once a week.

2. Diet:

tips for great hair

Your hair growth has a lot to do with your diet. Drink a lot of water and incorporate a lot of proteins and veggies in your intake. This can help your hair not only grow longer faster, but it can make the hair smoother. Water is key! Drink a lot of water.

3. Supplements:

Biotin is great. I take the chewable kind. It has helped me a lot with my postpartum hair loss. Again it's not a miracle product but it really helps with the strength of the hair. I love these ones HERE.

5. Rest:

Give your hair a break. Wash as little as possible. Use as little heat as possible. This will really help in your journey to great hair.

Those are my tips guys I hope they help! What are your hair care tips? I would love to know if you have any amazing product suggestions.

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