Decorating for the Holidays.

Hey Babes,

I have had zero time lately to find decorations for my piano that we just refinished. I sometimes struggle with pairing items together. That's where Mantle Box comes in handy. You get a perfectly curated box of decorations. You can choose your size of box, and you can even purchase add on's. The decorations are gorgeous. I absolutely love the wooden snow flake. You guys really need to try a holiday box.

Lucky for you I have teamed up with Mantle Box to giveaway one of their Merry Christmas Box. Check out my Instagram here to enter later today.
Check out her site here. Everything is absolutely gorgeous. Great quality, and you don't have to worry about matching things and finding a motif that works. It is all done for you. Check her out on Instagram as well here.

Here are my tips for creating the perfect mantle/piano layout.

1. Pick a theme. I love vintage farmhouse chic, so that is what my layout theme is.

farmhouse christmas decor

2. Find a color scheme that works for your personality. Obviously if you hate pink, don't decorate with pink. Stick to things you love and are comfortable with. I went with red, green, and white with some neutral accents.

farmhouse christmas decor

3. Lay everything out and group together items you want next to one another.

4. Every layout looks more pleasing to the eye when there are different levels. You want some things taller than others. The eyes love bouncing from high to low. Taller stuff in the back, the shorter smaller things up front.

farmhouse christmas decor

5. The eye also finds things paired in three more pleasing than pairs. It fills the space and draws the eye to every piece.

farmhouse christmas decor

6. If you are a crafter make a few pieces. It adds a personal touch. If you are not a crafter Mantle Box has adorable pieces that have that personal touch. Like this, this and this. (LOVING this.) I made this piece for my layout.

farmhouse christmas decor

7. Stick to a budget. The Farmhouse House Christmas box ( the one I got size is Original) is a     fantastic deal. That snowflake alone would cost you $35. A perfectly curated holiday box for $65 is a great deal. Of course with all the hustle and bustle you can try and make everything your self. Save yourself the time to spend with your family and have the perfect box shipped to you.

farmhouse christmas decor

8. If you have a young one, make sure things are high enough they can't reach or have things that are durable. I love the decorations I got in my box because they are durable. My daughter loves to put her cars, or dolls in the sleigh. I am constantly tracking that down to see it stuffed full of toys. I know these decorations are worth money if they can withstand toddler play. If they can withstand that they can withstand years of storage. Some decorations don't store well. Keep that in mind.

9. Find ideas on Pinterest. It helps get the creative juices flowing. It also helps you to see what style you lean more towards.

10. Most importantly have fun! Decorating, especially for Christmas, is so much fun!

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