Burnt and Blue

Outfit Details:
Top: Nest Boutique
Skirt: Rita & Phil 
Shoes: DSW (similar)
Bag: Barri

Hey Babes,

Pencil skirts are perfect for any woman. They really celebrate the woman's body. The curves, the hips and the booty. I love how women look in pencil skirts. It's just a hot skirt for every body type. This blue pencil skirt I got from Rita and Phil is perfection. They take your measurements to customize the skirt to YOUR body. It fits around your curves, not some generic measurement. The skirt will fit like a dream. This fabric is a great quality it is heavy with a little stretch and give to it. The waist has a comfortable waist band that is tight, but not digging tight. Like I said it fits to your measurements.

This top is a top I found at the Nest Boutique in South Jordan. I love the coloring and the lace up detail on the front. The coloring works so with so many different colors. Dark skin or light skin it looks amazing. I saw a girl with gorgeous chocolate skin trying on this top and it looked amazing on her. So this top works across the board with so many different skin tones. I love the cut. It is mom approved. It's a relaxed fit, so it has a lot of movement and room to breathe. It's just the perfect top. It translates from dressed up with a pencil skirt, to relaxed with skinny jeans and flats. What a great top to add to your closet. I think I only paid $18 for this top.

Now lets talk about this amazing clutch. A while back I posted about a handbag company that donates money towards fighting child slavery. This was the bag  I fell in love with from Barri. There are so amazing cute bags you can choose from. It's not only for a good cause, but the bags are vegan, and beautiful. I love how well made these bags are. You will love any of these bags, the are gorgeous!

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