Traveling With a Toddler

Hey Babes,

Traveling with a toddler can be an adventure all on it's own. We haven't traveled far with Aria due to that fear, but we recently went on a little road trip and I wanted to share out tips and tricks to have a fun tear free vacation.

tips on traveling with a toddler

First of all make sure you have a Pack n Play. That really saved us at night. Aria loves her space and her sleep. She would not get comfortable in the bed with us. She slept all night on her normal schedule in the pack n play.

Bring a blanket that smells and feels like home. We have this amazing swaddle blanket from Audrey's Bear. It is adorable, soft and warm. Kids like to feel like they are at home and not in a strange hotel when they wake up to roll over or grab their binky at night. It really helps to have a piece of home while you are away. We love this blanket. It is from such an amazing company. They have a swaddle for swaddle program. Every blanket they sell they donate a blanket to a local NICU. For all of you mamma's who know anything about NICU's you know how amazing that gesture is. If you are interested in a blanket for yourself I am giving one away on my Instagram here tonight! These really are amazing customized blankets that you can swaddle your little one in, from newborn and on. You can have their name customzied, the colors, and the patterns to fit the nursery. Aria is two and still loves to be wrapped up in a warm blanket before bed.
You can check them out on Instagram, and their Website

Fun toys should be next on your list. You don't need to pack a lot. You do want to pack a few that will keep your little one entertained. You know how long their attention span lasts, so have some options. We loved this Vtech laptop. It entertained her on the drive and kept her nose out of our phones for a while. It has cute sounds, it's not obnoxious or annoying. I really love how sturdy Vtech makes their toys. Ours have been dropped a few times and it is holding strong. We also took this adorable dog carrier case. She loves puppies and it was nice to have something for her to run around and snuggle up with. I highly recommend Vtech toys. We have a million.

Snacks from home. Kids need things that are familiar to them. Going on a vacation and having new things can offset not only sleeping, but digestion. Sometimes new things may back them up or go right through them. We wanted to give things normal for her so we like to take fruit snacks, string cheese, easy small things, but things we know she can handle.

Last but not least, let loose have fun! You are on vacation. If they need to have a melt down, don't be embarrassed. Anyone who has a kid knows they are bound to happen. Anyone judging you for it can bugger off, let them be perfect in their own screwed up minds. We have all been in that situation. It happens.

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