Rain boots that wont break the bank.

inexpensive cute rainboots

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Hey Babes,

I know all of you have seen Hunter boots everywhere. It seems everyone has a pair or two. They are really cute boots for fall. They keep your feet dry, warm, and they are easy to throw on. They come in fun colors to wear with fun outfits. They are also $130+. Not exactly the most affordable way to stay warm.

I have searched high and low for rain boots that are equally cute that match my budget a little more. It was actually quite a hard task. A lot of rain boots are clunky and ugly and they don't have that sleek style the Hunters have. Until I met my Kamik boots.

This post is not sponsored. I bought these boots with my own money, Kamik doesn't even know I exist. (Wish they did!) I love these boots! They are comfortable, they are warm, and they are easy to wipe off. I wanted to buy them in a color that was on the neutral side. I wanted to be able to play with them a bit and style them with as many outfits as possible. I went browsing for more colors. They have so many cute colors and patterns. I want the Orchid pair, and the turquoise pair right now. The most I have seen these boots cost was about $70. Most pairs have been going for about $30-50. A fraction of the cost of Hunters. This is why I say you can be fashionable without breaking the bank. You can be chic on the cheap and not sacrifice style. I love the quality of these boots, I love the fit and look to them. They will not disappoint. Try them out for yourself.

There are so many fun ways to style rain boots. I will be showing you plenty of ways to style your rain boots in the next few weeks. They are perfect for fall and winter! If you are a fan of rain boots you will love these. I get the Jennifer style boot, they are the closest to the Hunter boot.

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