DIY Halloween Costumes: Queen of Hearts

Dress: c/o Asos (old) 
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Hey Babes,

I bring you another simple costume. Yes, Queen of hearts is over done. She is also very chic, and very easy to recreate for yourself. Especially if you are on a budget.

Red! Red is key for this look. Search your closet or discount stores for a red dress. The poofier the better. Options (here, here, here and here)

Get her a crown. You can make one (here), or you can buy a cheap one from the dollar store, Walmart, Claire's, wherever.

A killer pair of shoes. She is a Queen and a heart breaker. Shoes are a great accessory to this look. Red is what I would suggest. If you don't have any red shoes you can get a cheap pair here, and here. You can also grab a pair you don't wear anymore and spray paint them red. Paint the pumps red! (instead of roses..if you watch the movie a lot you will get that, or maybe it wasn't funny...)

You can wear red tights with this look, especially if you have a cute pair of red hearts on those tights. For those who bought some from Target in Feb, I give you serious props!

Now to your makeup. I would just do your blush in the shape of a heart, and your lips in the shape of a heart. Add a few glitter hearts to the corners of your eyes to complete the look. I did not do that for my costume however. It would be really cute though. Here is a Queen of Hearts makeup look I did a while back.


You can carry a stuffed rabbit, a pocket watch, red roses, or a a croquette mallet that you DIY'd into a bird (again watch the movie to understand that). If you are really morbid you can carry around a human heart (please not a real one, you might get arrested..and you might stain your dress.) they sell fake ones at Halloween stores, and amazon.

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