DIY Halloween Costume: Cruella Devile, Henchman, and Dalmatian.

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Hey Babes,

I was Cruella Deville a few years ago with my cute little family. Aria, a newborn, was a cute little dalmatian, and Brandon was my henchman. It was really cute and really simple

When you are doing Halloween for a family on a budget hitting up your closet is the cheapest place you could ever shop.

Cruella is simple. Find a dress or coat you own that has any kind of animal print. I had this amazing swing dress from Asos. (similar) Cruella has a fancy coat that I myself could not recreate. Her coat is on the yellow side so I grabbed a yellow coat I thought would work for this costume. Here are a few options ( here, here.). I knew it would be cold that night so I threw on some black tights and booties and called it good. You can dye your hair, or spray it. My original costume I had it up. For this post I wanted to change it to more of a down do. A lot easier to do and manage.

Cruella wore red cloves and a fancy green ring. I did not have either of those options so I left them off. You can off course shop around and find them quite cheap. I stopped at the jacket and dress. This is one of the more simple costume ideas, but perfect for mom's who are just in a crunch and don't have much to work with. You can always find DIY ideas on pinterest. I love Pinterest because so many of us budget mom's can do things with what we have and not have to pack everyone up to go to the store.

Puppy Costume:

If you have a baby or child they are cheap to buy. You can find them on amazon or ebay. I got mine on sale from Babies R Us.
If you want to make one go to Walmart and find a white pair of sweat pants, and a white sweater shirt. Grab some black felt and glue. Just glue spots on the white sweat pants and suit, use the felt to make ears and a tail. It is really easy and cheap.

If you want your husband/boyfriend to be the dog you can do the exact same thing with the white pants and white shirt. Just glue on the spots and make ears and a tail and you are done!

If you want your dog to be well..the dog you can find a cute dalmatian print bandanna, or cape from any fabric store, or pet store. I know a few people you used a cow print. That works as well.


Easiest costume ever. Find a pair of tan pants, a green top and a jacket. You can add a some dirt or black eye shadow to their faces to make them look kind of ashy. The point is just to make them look kind of scummy. They are henchmen after all.

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