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Hey Guys,

You know how much I love makeup. I have also been hugely into highlighting and contouring. I have dry skin. Powders are not always my friend. I always highlight and contour with cream products. The creams have to be light and cover well. I love the colors, I love the pigment. If you are in the market for amazing dimensional foundation you will love the Maskcara IID foundation.

You can build your own pallet. The pallet is magnetic and you can switch out different products. I love this for traveling and having in my bag to touch up my face. The brush is so soft, and makes the application smooth and seamless. I spray the brush with my Urban Decay chill setting spray before applying the foundation. It makes my foundation look dewy and healthy. I have nothing bad to say about these beautiful products. Some days I layer the Illuminator right over all the highlight to give the glow with in look.

So why highlight and contour? Your face is dimensional, it helps to emphasize all you love about your fave to distract from what you may not love.

maskcara cosmetics

What to look for in  highlight color?

This color should be lighter than your natural color. I use this down the middle of my nose, forehead, chin, joules, and under my eyes. This makes you look more awake and glowing. I also use the highlight to clean up my contour.

Why Blush?

Blush brings color to your cheeks. Makes your face more youthful and vibrant. Playing with the colors can bring out the colors in your eyes. Keep the blush higher on the apples of your cheeks.

highlight and contour

What does Contour do?

This needs to be a color darker than your skin tone. This plays on the shadows of your face. Slimming areas that may be to wide on the face. I place mine just under my cheek bones, and edges of my face.


This will make your skin look healthy, dewy and young. Everyone wants the glow within!

maskcara cosmetics

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