One Dress Three Ways: Stripes and a Cardigan

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Dress | Cardigan | Booties | Tights
Hey Babes,

I felt the past month like I hit a style rut. I've had no creativity, it's hard to when everything you own is in boxes. I had some time this week to just sit and think about my blog. I love blogging, I will never be at higher level, I just can't commit the time, but I love what I do here  on Nightchayde. I love posting normal, modest budget friendly outfits for women like me. I will continue to do so! I'm surrounded by so many talented bloggers and superwomen. The blogging community is amazing and I love the support these women provide each other!

I found this dress browsing Jcpenney. I don't normally shop there. This trip really had me inspired and this dress has so many style options. I love this amazing wine colored sweater and how well it compliments this striped dress. Being fall time, I paired the dress with these amazing booties and tights. This outfit is perfect for church, fall parties, and taking the kiddos to the pumpkin patch. I love this look, I love the colors and I love fall!

What has you inspired this fall? Who is your style inspiration?

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