Support your friends week: Usborne Books

Hey Guys,

Books!! You can never have too many. Aria has so many books, and we will continue to add to that collection. My sweet sister in law Caitie is an Usborne consultant and we love every book we order! I can easily say we have over 50 Usborne books. They are cute, fun and inexpensive.

They have an amazing program for damaged books. If for any reason your book is damaged, you can get a replacement for a discounted price, no questions asked. You don't get that service from Barnes and Noble.

Caitie also donates books to an amazing project my mother in law started. Free books are sent to local NICU's. You can read about that project here. My MIL also has started a fantastic book blog if your interested. She reviews and discusses all kinds of books, from every genre and age group. It's a fantastic read and because of her Aria has her own personal library of great reads!

You can order from Caitie here, and join her Facebook here.

You can also book Usborne parties to earn free books for your sweet little ones. They have so many cute books. They make great gifts, and stocking stuffers. There are books for every age and personality. I love the touch and feel books, and the "That's no my.." collection. I really feel they have helped significantly with Aria's coordination.

Reasons why I prefer Usborne books:

-They are cute stories!
-They have a huge selection of books for babies and toddlers that help with coordination, and stimulation.
- Most are inexpensive
-They are well made and sturdy for toddlers who aren't yet gentle with books
- They have great warranties, and damage replacement programs
-You can buy them online, or at parties
- Kids love them and adults love them
- There are books for every age group

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