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Hey Guys,

Now I have always had a love for lipsticks, glosses, and stains. After I became a mom, I stopped wearing them because I was always kissing Aria and they would get all over and left her face sticky. I was recently introduced to LipSence and I jumped on that bandwagon real quick!

lipsence-red brick giveaway

I can now wear bright red lipstick and kiss my daughter and husband without transfer.

 You can drink from a glass and not lip disgusting lip prints. These lipsticks stay put! Now I highly recommend you wear the gloss over the lipstick. Without it I feel the color wears off faster and leaves your lips looking drier. The gloss is amazing with a color or just on its own. I am in love. My favorite color is Red Brick, it is a fantastic shade of red. It goes so well with my skin tone. I cannot wait to try more!

Many ask, so if it stays on so well how do you get it off? That is where the "Oops Remover" comes in handy, it cleans up any smudges, smears or application mistakes. I suggest to all those LipSence newbies they need to start with a kit. Try a color, gloss and get the remover. Find out how you can try a kit for free below.

lipsence-red brick giveaway

So let me introduce you to Becky! She is one talented momma! She is a photographer, full time mom, and LipSence consultant. I love her witty comments and posts. She constantly has me cracking up, she is hilarious. Her hair is always on point and I constantly envy it! She is absolutely amazing you will love her! She posts great lip colors, and different combos clients have come up with. Perfect lip recipes!

We are hosting a giveaway on Instagram tonight so if you are interested in trying LipSence for free, come and enter. All you need to do is follow us on Instagram and tag as many friends as you want. The more tags the more entries. Giveaway begins 8 P.M. MST and will end 9/3/16.

lipsence-red brick giveaway

You can find her on Instagram, and Facebook.

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