InstaNatural Vitamin C Cleanser.

Hey Guys,

As many of you know I have been clearing out my skincare and makeup supply. Ridding my collection of anything that is tested on animals. At the start it was hard to find replacements, but as companies move to more natural ingredients and laws becoming stricter on animal testing, it is becoming a lot easier. Enter InstaNaturals.

It has been hard to find a cleanser that removes everything without stripping my skin of nutrients. When InstaNatural contacted me, I was a little apprehensive at first. I have never heard of this company, I have never seen their products, so I researched a bit. I had to make sure they were cruelty free, and I had to check the ingredients. They passed both with flying colors.

The Vitamin C cleanser smells amazing, it's so gentle on my sensitive skin but it does a pretty good job at cleansing my face. It is free of mineral oils, parabens and artificial dyes.Vitamin C is proven to brighten up the skin giving a more youthful glow. It is so hydrating for my dry skin, I love what it has done for my pores.

 Now, it is not a makeup remover, so what I do is I use face wipes to remove most of my makeup, then go in with the cleanser to finish off the job. So far my skin has had no issues, no redness or sensitivities. I absolutely love companies that go more natural, and are not tested on our furry friends.

As a fashion blogger I need my skin to be on point. I am so excited to add this to my skin regiment.

If you would like to try this cleanser for yourself click here for a free sample. Please let me know what you think of the cleanser if you try it out.

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