Classic Feminine Looks

I guess the definition of feminine is in the eye of the beholder. To me, a classic feminine look involves pinks, lace, frills and sleek lines. There are so many ways to style such looks. They can be casual every day wear, dressed up fancy date night outfits, and work outfits. Really the possibilities are endless with femininity. 

One of my favorite feminine outfits I have ever styled was this amazing pencil skirt from Tobi. I adore the length of this beautiful pink pencil skirt. It elongates and slims the body. I am 5'6 and usually a size 9. This really makes me look super model tall and slender. I love the lines it gives my body. You can't get anymore feminine than this pink skirt and those floral heels.

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Ah, pattern mixing. My favorite thing to do with a monochromatic color scheme! This dress and this shirt are a match made in heaven. I was looking for a cute Christmas party dress I could wear through out the year and to any occasion. I came across this dress and HATED the neckline. It adds so much attention to my ginormous rack. I sat in the dressing room and cried, I have a strong hate for my boobs. They really limit me with clothing. I was ready to give up when I opened the door to show my mom the dress behind her was a rack of these cream checkered shirts. The idea hit me. Put the checkered top over the ugly neckline and make this a skirt! I love it! I got so many compliments on this outfit that night. I added a little bling to fancy it up, but one of my favorite combinations ever! The skirt is so feminine and twirl worthy! 

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Lace, in my opinion is a girls best friend. I love how it hangs on the body. I saw the most amazing wedding dress the other day, the girl had some amazing curves and the way the lace dress hung on her body was killer. I love how lace drapes. I could live, breathe and die draped in lace. I was shopping Kohl's for toys for Aria, I got distracted as always and found this dress on sale. The color is a bit more coral and less pink in real life, it is such an amazing color for fair (aka translucent) people. It is a great color on anyone, but I think fair skin is such a beautiful contrasting color with this. 

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I am a floral advocate. I really could live in floral tops. I find myself constantly drawn to anything floral when I walk into a store or when I am browsing online. It is just a vibrant fun print. It's happy and youthful and so easy to style. It is a great feminine addition to a pair of simple denim. It brightens up a dull outfit. I tend to deck myself in floral when I am having an off day, it really does lift your mood. You can't look at flowers and want to burn the world down. If you do, you have no soul (jk)!
I love the addition of scallops to this floral top. It makes the fabric more chic and adds another style element. I have always loved scalloped edges. Don't you?

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What does classic femininity look like to you? What are your favorite feminine pieces to wear?

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