Ways you can change the world!

Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company is set to donate a total of 2 million dollars to support three amazing causes. Health, (St Jude's Research Hospital), home (Habitat for Humanity), and hunger (Feeding America or Food Bank Canada). I know not everyone can donate money to causes such as these, but you can always donate your time. Check out their "Band Together campaign here.


There are so many different causes you can help. MS hits close to home so we love to participate in walks to raise awareness and raise money for those suffering. There are many, many cancer walks. Hospitals always need people to volunteer to cheer up patience, music therapy, cook meals, or just read to kids. If you don't have the time to donate you can always raise awareness on any type of social media. It is amazing how quickly word is spread of social media. My mother in law is always donating books to babies of the NICU. These babies and their parents have already had a rough start, why not help cheer them up with a care package of books they can read to their little fighters! Reading soothes the soul for both the reader and the one being read too. Going on motorcycle rides to benefit a cause is another fun and rewarding cause to donate your time to. Donating blood is another huge was to help. So many blood banks need your blood. 


I feel this is the easiest cause to donate to. There are so many easy places to donate a cheap can of food, or a dollar. If everyone contributed such a small amount it would solve such a huge problem. If you yourself are in need, but would love to give back shelters always need volunteers to server food. Why not give back to the community? I remember one of my favorite group activities I ever participated was making bag lunches for the homeless. We packed turkey sandwiches, chips, water and a cookie. We then drove downtown and handed out over 100 bags to those in need. Every single person was so thankful to have something so little and so simple. No matter how small your donation of money or time it sends a ripple effect. One good deed sets off hundreds of other good deeds. 


There are so many ways you can donate to this cause. Participating in causes that build homes for those in need, fixing repairs in a home with a deployed soldier, handing out sanitary kits, adopt or foster a homeless pet, and donate clothes to a shelter. We have two adopted cats we adore!

 With a fashion blog I have an extreme amount of clothing. Instead of selling clothes I find more satisfaction in donating these clothes to women who need it. So many women need clothing for jobs and job interviews. Shelters also always need clothing for kids. They are in such dire need for coats and blankets. These are steps towards getting people and animals off the streets and into a better situation. We all deserve to have food, shelter and clothing.

If you are unable to do any of these things, you can vote for the charity Jewelers Mutual will donate one million dollars to. The runner up will receive seven hundred thousand, and the last place winner will receive three hundred thousand. By voting, you will be entered to win weekly jewelry prizes from Stacked New York. Each week one winner will receive a set of three stacking bands ($450 value). You can also vote daily for more chances to win. It’s a win, win. Win for the charity and win for you! Voting begins July 11, 2016 and ends July 31, 2016 11 PM CT.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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