The perfect way to avoid panty lines on a budget.

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How to avoid panty lines

Avoid panty lines

Avoid Panty Lines

Avoid Panty Lines

Hey Guys,

Panty lines, a women's worst enemy. We have this battle in our everyday life, with every outfit we change into. What do we wear underneath to avoid those embarrassing panty blunders? Each fabric we wear reacts differently to our underwear. There are some garments that hide everything, some fabrics that show every little detail of our under garments. I have some amazing tips I learned through my years of styling. I will take you from work out to work wear.

Boyshorts | Skimmies | Seamless

Work Out Pants:

This has been my toughest adventure. What to wear under work out pants. I know a lot of smart companies that have built underwear into the pants. When I work out at a gym I want as many layers between me and the work out equipment as possible. I love to wear regular yoga pants. When purchasing yoga pants please do the bend test. Go to a changing room put on the pants and bend over facing the lightest part of the room. Make sure the yoga pants are not sheer. If they are no matter what underwear you wear, you will show off more than you want to. Find a nice sturdy, thick work out pant that breathes well. Underneath, you want another fabric that breathes as well. I honestly love seamless panties for my yoga pants, or the Jockey Skimmies. If I am working out in shorts that don't accommodate the Skimmies I love the boy short. They hit me in an area right above the hem of my work out shorts so my bottom is free of panty lines. I know some women use thongs for their work out wear which is fine, but I honestly don't feel it's a great enough barrier between myself and the work out bench.

avoid panty lines

Skinny Jeans:

Skinny jeans are my go to denim. They are also pretty forgiving in the panty department. Most denim you can get away with almost any panty. I would suggest a nice comfortable panty. A panty that helps from bunching in the wrong places. Seamless underwear is a great investment. They are the perfect partner for the skinny jean. Even really tight skinny jeans. It not only smooths lines but again it breathes well. If you are looking to slim your thighs down when wearing a skinny jean, skimmies are a great way to tighten that area a bit. They also give a smooth line, they just get a little tricky to keep from rolling up when putting on your jeans. To prevent them from rolling, I put on the skimmies, then my jeans, I then pull my jeans and skimmies off at the same time. They stick together, now your able to pull them both on without the bunching. 

avoid panty lines

Pencil Skirts:

I adore a good tight pencil skirt. They are so chic and perfect for any body type. They can be tricky when avoiding panty lines. A pencil skirt hugs your curves and adds emphasis to your bottom. It is a garment that brings focus to that part of the body. A nice soft line is key. This is wear Skimmies really shine. They not only offer a smooth surface, they also tuck and hold things together. I had my daughter a year and a half ago and I still kind of have the mom pooch. The skimmies help slim it down a bit, giving that beautiful smooth curve that the pencil skirt is known for.

avoid panty lines

avoid panty lines


A simple A-line dress is easy, you can wear pretty much any underwear you want it won't show a line. If the dress falls away from the body wear what your most comfortable with. If the dress is fairly short I would suggest the skimmies.  

A tight dress of bodycon would need the same under garment. Skimmies are the all around underwear I really love how versatile they are. They tighten and smooth lines, folds and bunches. Tight dresses are a little unforgiving, so it is nice to have an undergarment that smooths out, unwanted bulges. 

Now, if you are planning on being romantic after a night in these dresses of course the skimmy will not be your best option. If you want to have a cute pair of undergarments that look sexy without a panty line, wear a seamless underwear. They have them in just about every color, texture and pattern. I always go with beige because they match my skin tone the best and feel most attractive in. They say women who match their bra and underwear evoke more confidence!

avoid panty lines


Trousers are very tricky fabrics, they are generally on the thinner side, and they show everything! With trouser pants thongs work best. If you cannot stand thongs, find an undergarment that hits you right where the trousers taper off in the back. Usually for me, that is where the butt cheek meets the upper thigh. Boy shorts are perfect as long as they hit you in that exact spot. If your underwear is skimming across your cheeks you will get a line.

Avoid Panty Lines

Avoid Panty Lines

I hope this helps you guys in your mission to battle panty lines. Please let me know if you have any questions!

What are your secrets to fighting the lines?

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