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Hey Guys,

If you haven't guessed by now, I am awkward. Seriously, I don't know how I function (maybe I don't) most days. If you would have told my family 5 years ago I would be in front of a camera almost everyday, shooting outfit pictures they probably would have laughed at you. They all know my issues with photos. I have been like that since birth. Don't get me wrong I know how to have a good time, most people know I am really a huge goof ball once I am out of my shell. This all has a point I promise. During these photos I had an audience. There were people starring at me through the window literally right by where I was standing. You take a person who is already incredibly awkward, uncomfortable in front of the camera, add strangers giving you the "look", it makes for a whole uncomfortable experience. And when I say the "look", most you bloggers know exactly what I am talking about. Like nobody has every seen one person take pictures of another person. It just makes the process so uncomfortable. For those bloggers that set up tripods and do it themselves, my hat it off to you because that only adds to peoples curiosity.

This outfit is dangerous to wear with a young child, but it is also very elegant and pretty. I love white, I tend to buy a lot of white. With Aria it tends to be destroyed pretty quickly. Some garments I can resurrect and save. Others turn into sewing projects or rags for the house. With a white top, white skirt I wanted to add a little pop of color with the heel, but not so much it smacks you in the face. Subtle pops are always so chic and feminine. It is a shame these heels are no longer available they are so cute, so versatile, I get so many compliments when I wear them. I almost didn't purchase them, what a tragedy that would have been. 

I want to thank you all again for your prayers for my brother. He is home and doing well. When this all started the Doctors had told us he had an aneurysm. Which pretty much scared the crap out of us. We all know that if people do survive those, it's a long road to recovery, if they ever recover. It felt like the rug was pulled from under all of us. He is the most healthy of us all. He works out every day, he eats well. It was just a stupid thing to happen to such a healthy guy. He was in the ICU for a very long week. Scans after scans showed no ruptured vessel, but he did have a significant amount of blood on his brain. After tests, things were pointing to what they call a venus bleed. A condition that rarely occurs, and has little research. A rare case and not enough information. He progressed and was finally released after over a week in the ICU. He had so many great Doctors and Nurses. He has an amazing support system. I am so glad to get our lives back. We all have a new normal, constantly checking in on him and making sure things are going well. Hug your families please! You never know what can happen. One minute they are here and poof the next they could be gone. 

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