The Importance of Dad

Daddy Daughter

Daddy Daughter

Daddy Daughter

Hey Guys,

I hope you all had a great weekend. I hope you were able to see your dad's, father figures, visit their graves whatever you may do to celebrate our wonderful Father's.

I am so passionate about how important a Dad is in our lives, especially for girls. A little girl always watches her Daddy. She see's how he acts, she see's how he treats their mother. It will effect her relationship with other guys for the rest of her life. Now when I say a girl needs her Dad, it doesn't necessarily mean biological. There are plenty of men out there that fill that role of Dad for a lot of girls. Some are born without a Dad, some lose their father to whatever life has had in store. Thank the Lord for the men at there that step in for those who are absent. A girl needs that in her life to form healthy relationships in the future.

I was blessed with a fantastic Dad. He worked so hard to make sure his family was always provided for. I don't know how he was able to raise four kids, own a home at such a young age. We were never rich, but we always had what we needed. He always made sure we had food, clothes and toys. He took us camping, he spent time with us when he could. I was raised knowing that a guy should be kind, provide, support, and love his family. I was able to form healthy relationships with other guys because of this. Whenever I came across a guy that didn't have as much respect for me as I deserved I moved on. I would not tolerate anything. I knew Brandon was perfect for me because he respected his mom. He treated his sisters well, he treated women like they deserve to be treated. After we were married and adopted Trinity, I saw how he treated her. She was just a cat but he treated her like she was a kid. It really warmed my heart and I knew he would be a great father if this is how he treated a pet.

Brandon has been a wonderful father. When he watches Aria he won't call it babysitting. He calls it parenting. He loves Aria so much. Watching him chase her, hold her hand and comfort her when she is sick or crying makes me cry. How lucky am I to not have only have a wonderful father, but to also have a loving father for my child. Aria is very loved by her Dad and they have their own beautiful relationship. I hope her future has a wonderful guy to treat her right just as I have had.

Thank you Dad's everywhere for making such an impact on our lives.

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