Outfit matching Nail Polish

Hey Guys,

Most of the time when I am styling an outfit I plan what nail polish I wear with it. I am not going to lie sometimes I am not always with it and have perfectly prepped polished nails, but I love how an outfit looks with a great nail polish.

I was browsing online for some cute nail polishes when I came across Del Sol. These nail polishes not only have a really great formula, they change colors in the sun. You are basically getting two for one out of these polishes.

I received Birthday Cake (my favorite), Reckless, and Rose to the Occasion. All have great coverage you can get away with one coat, but I always like an extra just in case. The brushes are easy to handle which helps when your doing nails with your left hand and your right handed. The colors are pigmented and colorful. I love that they change colors in the sun. I think it is so cute and adds a fun element to your outfit. It took my nail polish about four minutes to fully transform. I feel that Birthday Cake changes much quicker. My favorite way to wear these are to paint both hands with Reckless, let dry and to your ring fingers layer Birthday Cake over the top. It looks so cute and festive. I actually wore those nails for my birthday party. If you are interested Del Sol has offered all my amazing readers 25% off with the code NIGHTCHAYDE25.

How I styled my polish to my Outfit.

Rose to the Occasion:

Birthday Cake and Reckless

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