DIY vintage inspired key rack

Hey Guys,

We are currently decorating our house, I know we have been here 4 years and we are just getting to decorating. I have been browsing every home decor site known to man. I found this amazing vintage hotel key rack at Pottery Barn. I fell in love, but then the price...not so much. I had the picture in my head for a month or so when I finally came up with an idea I loved.

My mom and I go to "The Wood Connection" often. We love getting wooden crafts to make on our girls nights. They are inexpensive and a lot of fun. I came across this wooden slat board that I knew would be perfect for a key rack. The wheels started turning and my beautiful farmhouse, vintage key rack was born. This whole project cost about $25 to make.

What you will need:

-Wooden Slat Board
-Paint Brush
-Vintage label holders
-Hooks ( I spray painted mine to match the label holders)
-Hot Glue

If your board does not have a hanging hook on the back, make sure you add one before painting. If it does not have one you can get one from any craft or hardware store.

First sand and paint your board. I wanted mine to look worn, distressed and old so I kept my scruffy. I also went with white. You can stain yours, or even leave it raw.

After the paint is completely dry lay out your label holders. Make sure they are straight and level. I used a measuring tape to level mine. Glue them down with hot glue. My label holders were a bit to long so I used a dremel to shorten them. They used to have little holes and screws, but since those were taken off I had to glue them down instead of screw them in.

After they are glued on and dry build yourself a pilot hole template. I just used an envelope. Measured were the ends of the holders were and where the pilot hole should be. Drill the pilot holes. When choosing a drill bit, make sure the bit is smaller than the hook. Hold the bit up next to the screw of the hook. You should only be able to see the thread on the other side.

After the holes are drilled screw in the hooks.

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