DIY Floral Initial

Hey Guys,

I have started the process of making decorations for Aria's second birthday. I am huge into planning early, because I like to have everything done a month prior so I can focus on the day.

I found this adorable floral initial on pinterest. I knew it would suit my theme perfectly. It could also double as home decor afterwords.

Things you will need:

-letter to trace or you can free hand it, or a letter like this one from a craft store.
-sharp blade
-hot glue gun
-frame (optional)

Sketch out the letter. If you are setting it in a frame make sure it is sized as such. Cut out letter with the sharp blade. Or if you bought a letter already cut skip this step

Start arranging and gluing down flowers. I just scattered them out and glued them on at random.
This will be pretty time consuming. It took me a few hours to complete. It really is worth it. You can use these for weddings, showers, parties, home decor, etc. They are so cute and so fun. Of course you can always make them with fresh flowers, they just won't keep as long.

I would love to see how yours turned out. Leave me a link or a picture below!

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