DIY Cat Cave

Hey Guys,

So I am going to show you one of the easiest ways to make a cat cave/bed/hideout for your cat. You really need only three things, and I am sure you have them lying around the house. No need to even leave the house.

Things you will need:

-Any old T Shirt ( I got mine from here)
-Cardboard Box ( Amazon boxes work great)
-Safety pins

First you take the top off your box, so you have a nice opening. Cut the flaps if there are any. It needs to just be a topless box.

Take the T Shirt with the hole over the open part of the box. This will be the entrance for your cat. If you have large cats make sure to use a larger shirt.

Wrap the excess fabric around the bottom of the box and pin it. You can cut off the excess, but I am sure I will have to be replacing boxes because our kitten loves to destroy anything cardboard, so I will be pinning mine.

Your cats will love it. Mine even spent 20 minutes fighting over it. Looks like I will have to make another.

How do you DIY for your furry friends? I would love to see your recreations in the comments below. Leave me a link or a pic!

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