Spring Booties

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I don't think there is a season where booties are not appropriate. They transfer so well from season to season. They pair with skinny jeans, dresses, skirts, shorts, rompers, just about anything. Now you can splurge and buy some really cute expensive versions like here, and here. If you are on a budget you don't necessarily have to sacrifice style. These booties were inexpensive and they are surprisingly comfortable. Often Charolette Russe has BOGO sales. So watch their site often.

A simple white shirt can be one of the greatest staples in your closet. Basics will always stretch your money. A basic white tee and jeans can be changed up with different accessories and shoes. Throw on a cardigan or jacket to get even more out of your basics. I love buying things on the cheap I really do, when going for a basic item like this, something that you will wear often, you might want to spend a little more money than usual. You may think "why spend $30 on a white tee?" If you spend $15 on a cheap white tee after a few washes the cheaper fabric will shrink or stain. Where as a $30+ white tee will be made with finer fabric that will hold up. If you keep repurchasing an item you have already paid more than the more expensive item that will hold up longer. Some pieces are worth investing in. Do not spend a lot of money on trend pieces. They will go out of style and you will have paid more than you wanted on an item you can  no longer wear.

When styling a basic tee I love added a layered necklace to the outfit. Charming Charlie has the cutest layered necklace. This and this are in my shopping cart as we speak. Since layered necklaces are "trendy" pieces right now I would not spend a lot of money on them. That is why I love Charming Charlie they are the right price point for these pieces.

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