Diaper Bag Staples: Toddler Essentials

I bought this box on my own, this is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own and always will be.

Hey Guys,

As a mom our diaper bags are filled to the brim with things we may or may not need. It is always good to be prepared for everything. From blow outs to messy meals. I signed up for the Walmart baby box. They just released a toddler box. They have a box for expecting moms, newborns/infants and now toddlers. They box is "free" you just pay a $5 shipping fee. With I got in my box I feel its worth it. You get a new box for every stage, about every three months. They charge you once the box is mailed out. I know the newborn box recently had some Burt's Bee lotions and soap, nursing pads, nursing bottles, bottle soap, and baby laundry detergent. I think the box is well thought out and well put together. I wish I would have known about it through my pregnancy. 

So what was in my toddler box? Let's get to it. 

Fizzy Tub Colors: Aria loves her Bath time. She is perfectly content with her squirt toys, and her washcloth. I cannot wait to add these cute little tablets to her tub. She loves playing in the water. They can learn to mix colors, they are fragrance free and the tablets have the alphabet on them. They are $4.98 for 150 at Walmart.

Nubby Cup: The Grip N' Sip is perfect for little hands. Aria can carry this around no problem. We actually already have a few Nubby cups and they are perfect. This one is a great one to throw in the diaper bag for traveling. They are BPA free. They retail for $2.69 at Walmart.

Travel Size Cheerios- Aria loves Cheerios. She has this munchkin cup that she carries around with her. She will sit and watch movies with this cup, walk around with her toys with this cup. It's perfect because it is designed to hold in the snacks. So this is the perfect combo to have. The cup did not come in my Walmart box but they should definitely include them in future toddler boxes. Every mom needs one of these cups as well as Cheerios. 

Lotion: Lotion is a must have for every diaper bag, nursery, house. Babies get dry skin. Aria thankfully has her Dad's skin so she doesn't get to dry. I love Vaseline lotion for my dry skin. So if she doesn't use this I know it's perfect for me. Lotion is always good to have on hand while your out and about with the little one. We wash our hands a lot and we need to add moisture back into our skin. It's a perfect travel size lotion to throw in that diaper bag. 

Dryer Sheets and Shout Wipes- We don't use dryer sheets in our house, so this is just something to have on hand for static cling. I will have this in Aria's diaper bag to help our dresses and skirts not cling to our tights. Girl problems right. 
The shout wipes are perfect for food stains. Toddlers are messy eaters, especially when we go out to eat. There is always spilled food. These are perfect spot treatments for on the go. These are awesome as well as the pens. 

Some extra additions that were not in the box that I would love to see them include are Wubbanubs and diapers. I don't think any mom will turn down extra diapers, and Wubbanubs are a baby must. If you don't know what a Wubbanub is, it is a binky attached to a little stuffed animal. It's very light weight but it keeps the binky in while the baby sleeps, If it does pop out it is easy for them to find and pop back it. When Aria was about 6 months old she kept losing her binky and would wake up crying every other hour. I browsed Amazon and came across them. It worked like a charm and she went back to sleeping like a champ. I encourage every mom to get one! 

Items Mentioned:
Fizzy Tub Colors | Nuby Cup | Munchkin Snack Cup | Cheerios | Lotion | Dryer Sheets | Shout Wipes|

Wubbanub | Diapers

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