Diy Toddler Easter Basket (No Candy)

Hey Guys,

I love Easter. I love putting together everyone's baskets and hiding them. I love the meaning of Easter. It is all just perfect.

When putting together a basket for Aria I try to steer clear of candy. She is going to get enough from all the Easter egg hunts. I start shopping for her basket right after Christmas. You can get some really fantastic things for a great price.

These Disney movies were a recent find at Costco. They were $10. I got The Rescuer's from Amazon for $11. Aria loves movies and its a tradition to always give the kids movies in their baskets. Target always have a great selection for $5.

I like to get her some sort of toy or book. Last year her basket was overfull with books. So I scaled back and got her this adorable Melissa and Doug puzzle. I love anything Melissa and Doug. They have such cute educational toys. They are inexpensive and sturdy. You cannot ever have to many of these wooden puzzles. I got mine from Amazon. I know Target again had a good variety, you can sometimes use your cartwheel app to save money.

I got this cute pair of overalls, and leopard print swimsuit from The Children's Place outlet out in Traverse Mountain. They whole store was 50%-60% off.

I spaced buying all this items out so it all didn't hit from one pay check. When budgeting find deals, shop early, space buying items out between checks. It does take planning but in the end it works out. Now you don't have to spend $50 on an Easter basket. You can easily hit up dollar sections of stores and walk away with a great haul of things. I know a few friends that have made their baskets from the dollar section at Target. They have adorable hats, toys, sunglasses, and candy. If you are on a tight budget that is a perfect place to start.

What do you put in your toddlers Easter Basket? What are you tips, tricks and traditions?

What's In The Basket:

Hello Kitty Easter Basket: Hobby Lobby | Bolt & Wall-E: Costco | The Rescuers: Amazon | Swimsuit & Overalls: The Children's Place | Puzzle: Amazon

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