DIY Cat Station and Hidden Litter Box

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I love my cats, I really do. They are very messy though. I have been searching for a way to organize all of their treats, toys and food. I came up with this adorable cat station idea. A place to disguise their litter box, put away their toys, and house their IAMS™ Purrfect Wet Food as well as their IAMS™ Oral Care cat treats. I love how IAMS™ allows pet owners to kind of customize our cats needs with their food. Which is very important when dealing with indoor cats and kittens. They don't eat the extra proteins (mice, birds) or get as much water. With the different types of foods and treats offered we can help out cats get what they need out of the food we feed them. I love that the treats offer different formulations. Oral Care, Digestive Health, Hairball Care, things that are important to all cats. 

Now that I have rambled about what I want to organize let's show you how to organize them. 

Supplies You will Need:

-Dresser ( I picked mine up on an online yard sale for $100, you can find them cheaper. I just really liked this one!)
-Cat Door ( Make sure you get one that your cat will fit through)
-Double Roller Catch (enough for the drawers you are replacing. We replaced four drawers so we needed eight)
- Cat Litter ( A really good brand, you do not want to smell your cat all day.)
- Wood ( We just used the backs of the drawers for our extra wood.)

Step One:

Install the cat door on the side least seen. So we did our door on the side pointing away from our living room. That way company would only see it as a decorative piece and not a cat box.

Step Two:

This step can be completely customized to your taste. We knocked off the backs of the four bottom drawers. This way the cats have room to comfortably use the litter box. The fronts will be latched on with the double roller catches. So you can remove them to clean out the litter box. Keeping the doors latched on will also help trap the litter smells. 

Step Three:

Install the double roller catches. A drill and some elbow grease will get this part done. Make sure you measure and put the catchers where you want them to go. They need to be nice and tight so your little curious cats can't just push them out. (Yes that happened to us.)

Step Four: 

Add a flooring by the cat door. We used the backs of the drawers for our flooring. When they step in they step onto the flooring, and then down into the cat box. This will help again with smell, but it will also help with keeping the litter at bay. Cat's are not tidy when it comes to digging in the litter box.

Step Five: 

Add the litter box and litter! 

Now you have a great disguised cat box. It is recommended that you empty your cat box every night. We do to cut down on smells, and litter scatter.

Just put the toys, and food in the drawers. We keep our treats on the top so it's easy to throw to them as we leave for work. You can make your own little jars, or keep them in their resealable packaging.

There you have a cute cat station!

IAMS™ loves to see pictures and hear your funny cat stories. See how others get creative with their cats here.

You can find IAMS™ products at your local Walmart.

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