Diaper Organization, and gifting ideas.

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As you can tell this post is going to be all about diapers. How to stock up before baby comes, what to do with the extras, and how to organize them. We love our Huggies Snug and Dry diapers. They provide up to 12 hours protection, they are just a great quality diaper.

First we are going to talk about stocking up before your sweet little one joins your family. Stocking up on diapers was a lifesaver for me. I am a first time mom, and running out for diapers just adds to the new mommy duties. You’re learning how to breastfeed, or bottle feed, you’re tired, the baby is learning and they are tired. Really diapers should be there and ready to go. The best place to get diapers are places like Sam’s Club. They have huge boxes, so you buy in bulk. You save over $10 a box buying these diapers. If you have the Ibotta app you can save even more. Starting today you can save $7 here with the Iboota app. If you are new to Ibotta I will have a brief description at the bottom of the post. 

From the moment we found out we were pregnant every shopping trip we grabbed a box of diapers. I was going to be on unpaid maternity leave so stocking up for those nine months were going to be crucial. I really had no idea of how many of each size I needed. I went into this blindly. Of course every baby will be different. Some will fly through diapers, some will not. Your baby might grow faster and be in different sizes quicker. This is just a base line. This is what worked for us.  

(2 newborn, you will get a small pack or so from the hospital)
(2 1/2 of 1's)
(3 1/2 of 2's)
(4 of 3)
(4 of 4)
(2 and counting of 5's)

Sam's Club can even deliver these diapers to your home!

What do you do with the extra diapers? Of course you can save them for future children if you have the space. We have zero storage space. I like to incorporate them in baby shower gifts. If you have a lot left over you can make this really cute diaper cake beehive. 

-Diapers (any size I used size 5)
-Double Sided Tape
-Bendable Wire (we used extra electrical wire we had on hand)

Step 1:
Roll your diapers around the wire as tight as you can and secure them with an elastic. Your layers will differ with the different size diapers. Our bottom level was 7 diapers, then 6 diapers, 6 diapers again, 5 diapers, 4 diapers, 3 diapers, and last of all 2 diapers at the top.

Step 2:
Arrange the diapers to make the beehive shape. Once you have the layout start sticking the levels together with your double sided tape. This will help make sure your beehive won't tip over.

Step 3:
Add a little hole for the bees to go in and out of. I just drew mine. You can print templates off the internet.

Step 4:
Add the cute bees. I found my bees just googling bee clip art. So you can have realistic looking bee's, vintage bees, or cute little character bees. You can add as many as you desire.

Step 5:
Deliver your diaper beehive to the baby shower! Your mommy to "bee" will love it! You can even hide a gift inside if you so desire.

If you only have a few diapers left over, you can make some really cute gift baskets. 

-Basket (any craft store will have them, search for a coupon to help bring down the price)
-Baby lotions, creams, or soaps

Step 1:
Find a basket that will fit your gift. You don't want it too big or too little.

Step 2:
Fold the diapers and place them neatly in the back.

Step 3:
Add the lotions, creams and soaps.

Step 4:
You can wrap the gift in clear wrap, or add a bow.

Any expecting mom won't ever turn down extra diapers. They will always get used! 

Once baby is here you want to have those diapers ready to go in whatever room you are in. Things can go smooth to messy in less than a second. While I had some down time before Aria got here I made little diaper kits to have in each room. They were close by if we needed a quick change. I made sure there was always at least 5 diapers, a pack of wipes, and some baby lotion or coconut oil for burned bums. They are easy to make, and inexpensive. You can make these with a trip to the dollar store and 20 minutes. 

-Creams, or Lotions

Step 1:
Find a container to hold your supplies in. I found this tote at the dollar store. 

Step 2: 
Fold and arrange your diapers. Don't pack them in to tight you want them to be easily accessible. 

Step 3:
Add any creams (butt paste, lotions, eczema cream)

Step 4:
Add wipes. If you buy the bulk packs of Huggies wipes at Sam's Club you get these handy clutch wipe containers for free. They are very handy for these diaper totes.

You can even wrap this and give it as a gift. 

For our nursery we organized our diapers into a drawer. 

You can find Huggies Snug and Dry at any local Sam'sClub in the baby aisle.

Ibotta App: This is a great money saving app. With going part time I had to find ways of saving. What you do is you make your grocery list. Go on to the app and find what store you will be shopping. There will be a list of items you can buy from that store that will give you cash back. So for example say you need Huggies Diapers. Go to the baby section of your preferred store and see if they have an offer for diapers. Lucky for you they do. Buy the item and upload you receipt. Within a few days you will have cash back on your app. Do this with multiple items and you will rack up the cash. Make sure you read the terms and conditions. Sometimes it has to be a certain size and amount. You can make and join teams to unlock items and save money faster!

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