Weekend Getaway Essentials

Hey Guys!

With the weather here in Utah being snowy, then warm, snowy, then warm, I want to find a nice beach somewhere. I am dying for the summer. I cannot wait to play in the pool, visit the sandy beaches of California, and wear sandals!!

If you are looking for a nice getaway to the beach,  I have listed some of my packing essentials to aid in your adventure.

- Circle Towels: An absolute essential if your hitting the beach. These towels are huge. It's great if you have a baby or toddler. There is room for you both to hide in the shade from the hot sun. If you get cold you can wrap everyone up with room to spare. They are perfect to lay out by the pool with as well. I am in love with these towels.

-Floppy Hats (Me) (Aria): I have to protect my skin and make sure Aria is protected as well. I love floppy beach hats to protect our faces from the sun. It helps to prevent early aging, and keeps that youthful glow to your skin. They are super stylish as well.

-Snacks: I have to have snacks when I am at the beach. My favorite is pretzels. It's a favorite of Aria's and Brandon's as well. They are easy to grab and go, they are delicious and easy to clean up. We also have to make sure we are all staying hydrated so make sure to pack plenty of water. We love keeping ours cold in our Yeti.

-Bluetooth Speaker: Aria has been a Bob Marley fan since the womb. She has always loved his music. She loves dancing to his music. So when we hit the beach we have our speaker and Bob Marley. Listening to him reminds me of our cruise around the Bahamas.

Organic, Chemical Free Sunscreen: Always a must for anyone out in the sun. I am a pale red head, so I burn to a crisp in .5 seconds. I can tan, but I have to be very careful in the sun. Thankfully Aria got her dad's nice tan skin. We still pack on chemical free sunscreen. You want to watch the sunscreens you put on your body. Some are so packed of chemicals you walk away with a chemical burn thinking it's a sunburn. I love this sunscreen I linked in the title. It is so soft and gentle on baby skin and sensitive adult skin.

If your looking for a nice place to stay, try HomeAway. You are basically renting a home for your vacation time. Instead of crowded hotels, small rooms, crappy parking, you have a home away from home. Some equipped with kitchens so you can cook your own meals. These Panama Beach rentals look heavenly. We are hoping to plan a trip to California soon and these look like amazing places to stay. I love the beach and cannot wait to visit soon.

What to you pack for your weekend getaways? Do you hit the beaches or the slopes?

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