Snow Day: Snow Suits for Toddlers

What Aria is Wearing

Snow Suit: Osh Kosh B'gosh | Coat: Osh Kosh B'gosh | Boots: Sears

Hey Guys!

Utah has the strangest weather, one day hot, one day it snows. So we like to make the most of the weather. We hate snow but might as well make it fun right. Now these were a week or two ago. We took Aria sledding. We didn't  think she would enjoy it at all. She ended up loving it!

When Utah had it's first snow storm, I wanted to go play in it but I realized Aria had zero snow clothes. I searched almost every store around us for snow gear and nobody had any for toddlers. So we went home and I hit the internet.

Luckily I found a few sites that had some amazing sales on snow gear. I checked out Osh Kosh one of my favorite kid stores. They had this adorable snow suit, coat combo on sale for $30. So we got that squared away. Then I had to hunt down snow boots. Let me tell you that was a chore. No one has toddler snow boots. Not a good quality anyway. I wanted a good pair of boots that would last us at least two winters. I had to stop looking in frustration.

I was browsing sale ads a day later and I came across a Sears ad. I cannot tell you the last time I shopped there. So I never thought to look there for Aria. They had snow boots on sale for kids and they had some really cute snow boots. I didn't think they would have her size, but I looked anyway. They didn't they had boots one size up from hers. I got them anyway. They would last longer, they would get her through a few winters. They held up nicely sledding. She was warm, dry, and they fit after all the layers. I am so glad I came across that ad.

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