Park Day: Spring Outfit, and Mixing Colors.

What I'm Wearing:

Top: Charming Charlie* | Jeans: American Eagle | Under Tee: Head Over Heels | Cardigan: Old (similar*) | Shoes: Old (similar)

Hey Guys,

I know there is still snow here but I am so ready for spring. I am ready for pastels, floral's and colors! We went to the park the other day with Aria and it was beautiful. 60 degrees, still snow on the ground, but it was warm and beautiful.

When I take Aria to the park I want to be comfortable. I am chasing her around, making sure she doesn't fall of a slide, taking her on the monkey bars. So I need an outfit that is durable for that without any body parts coming out. I wear longer tops so I can crouch, run and raise my arms without anything showing.

This top was from Charming Charlie. They have such cute tops. I could shop there for hours. This top is bright and colorful. It is long so I can hold Aria above my head and not show off my stomach, and I have a nice, under tee on that keeps my boobs from plopping out. So it is a cute practical top.

When your wearing a bigger top, that is loose, and long you want to balance it out with a cute pair of leggings, or skinny jeans. If you were baggy jeans or flared jeans it can get a little frumpy. Make sure if you are wearing a baggy item balance it out with a more form fitting item. So baggy jeans wear a tighter top. Or baggy shirt, wear tighter jeans or leggings.

I threw on a cardigan and matching flats to top this outfit off. I usually slip my shoes off in warm weather. If I can get away with it I usually don't wear shoes. I love feeling the warm grass on my feet. I love summer for that reason.

What are your favorite Spring Styles?

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