One Coat Three Ways: Part One

What I'm Wearing:
Top | Coat | Boots | Leggings

Hey Friends,

I used to think buying colorful coats was a waste of money. I never thought I would get my monies worth out of them. After biting the bullet and actually purchasing a few, I found that colored coats can actually be very versatile. They can be styled with dresses, skirt, pants, and leggings.

I loved this coat, but I had to wait for it to go on sale. If your looking to expand your budget with a small budget watch for sales. You can shop everyday and watch it like a hawk or you can get an awesome app called Shopular. I use this app to haunt sales all the time. It alerts me when certain stores are having sales. So you can build a list of stores you like to shop and they alert you when there are coupons or sales going on either on line or in store. I love it. I have been able to save so much money using this app. (No this is not sponsored, I found this app on my own.) It is a free app.

So through this week you will see two other ways to style this coat.

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