Easy steps to an at home bra fitting.

Hey Friends,

Can you believe that 8 out of 10 women wear the wrong bra size? Thankfully I was taught at young age how to measure myself for a bra. Now I am going to pass on all my bra fitting knowledge to you. Hopefully you are not one of the 8. A well fitted bra makes all the difference in how your tops look and fit.

Here are some things you can do to see if your bra now is a proper fit.

- The two finger test, your straps should be able to fit two fingers snugly underneath them. If you cannot fit two fingers you may need to loosen your straps or buy a bigger size.

- Make sure the middle part of the bra lies flat. It should not have a gap or be poking out.

- If you have muffin top or over spill you may be wearing the wrong cup size. Consider a larger cup.

Measuring yourself for a bra.

- Put on your best fitting bra. We all have our favorites.
- Stay relaxed when measuring, don't hold your breath or suck in.
- Measure around your torso under your bust. Write down the number. If it is an even number add 4, if it is an odd number add 5. This is your band size.
- To double check this measurement, measure snugly above your bust right under your armpits. It should be the same as the band size.
- Measure loosely around the bust, make sure it is level across the back and runs along the nipples. Now subtract this number from your band size.

Bust Size - Band Size = Cup Size

Inches Difference=

0= AA
1= A
2= B
3= C
4= D
5= DD
6= DDD
7= G
8= H

ex. Bust Size ( 48) - Band Size (42) = 6 = DDD

If these steps are confusing you can always try the Bra Fit Calculator here.

Finding a proper fitting bra is one thing. Now you need to find a soft and comfortable bra. I have tried so many bras. Victoria Secret, Aerie, Target, Nordstrom, and so far my favorite have been the most inexpensive. My Hanes bras have been the champions. They are soft, comfortable, and like I said inexpensive. They have a huge variety of bras. Minimizing, sports, ones with wires, ones that are wireless, pretty much any bra you can think of.

I hope this helps you find a proper fitted, comfortable bra.

Speaking of bras congrats to Kjersti for winning the Hanes bras! 

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