Gift Ideas

I love shopping for Christmas. I love how the malls smell like candied almonds. I love shopping listening to the music and seeing the different stores decorated. One of my favorite decorated stores here in Utah is Modern Display. I could live there. If you are ever in the downtown area stop by and you will see what I am talking about. It is absolutely gorgeous. 

If you struggle to find gift ideas on a budget look no further. I have made a list of some really awesome gifts that won't break your budget. If you have a million people to buy for like we do you really have to watch how much you spend. You can still buy really fun gifts on a smaller budget. 

1. Lush Bath Bombs: I love bath bombs. I usually make them myself. Occasionally I grab a few when they are on sale. They are such a great gift. There are so many different scents to choose from. Grab a couple and put them in a gift bag and your set. Cruelty free, and they smell delicious. I  absolutely love Lush. They are by far one of my favorite places shop. (No affiliate link or sponsored post)

2. Jewelry: Never a bad idea. You can find so many cute pieces for inexpensive. These are perfect for sisters, friends, and cousins. 

3. EOS Gift Set: Who in their right mind does not like these lip balms? I am in love with them. This gift set is really cute and inexpensive. Perfect for stocking stuffers! Hint hint Brandon! I mean look at the blue one how cute is that!?

4. DVD: You can honestly find movies for super inexpensive. Target has five dollar sections, ten dollar sections and so on. One of my favorite gifts was a movie (John Tucker Must Die) and a pair of slippers. That was a good ten years ago and those slippers are still holding on strong. 

5. Speaking of Slippers: I have corpse feet so I love slippers. I honestly could own a million if I had the closet space. Brandon got me a pair when we were dating and they are my favorite slippers ever. 

6. Tootsie Roll Hot Cocoa: Why not!? I saw this and almost drooled thinking about it. They have a few different novelty flavors. This is a cute neighbor gift or friend gift. I do love hot chocolate. In any flavor.

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