DIY Christmas Wreath

I have been trying to decorate the house for Christmas this year. I haven't in past years for some reason. I want so much to get in the spirit now. I want Aria to experience new traditions. So I went on Pinterest to find a cute door wreath we could do together. Now her being 15 months I know she wouldn't help much, but just going through the motions to instill that tradition. I found an adorable wreath I wanted to recreate. I then found everything I needed at Hobby Lobby. All their Christmas items were all 50% off, and I had a 40% off coupon for the frame.Yay! All in all this wreath costed about $25 to make. The frame will be the bulk of your budget.

 What You will need:

-Frame ( I used 11x14)
-Spray Paint
-Wooden Letter
-Ribbon ( I used floral ribbon with wire)
-Hot Glue Gun

First I spray painted the frame with the red spray paint. You can do whatever color that suits you. I love red, I really love how the red looks on the frame.
 I painted the wooden letter with acrylic paint. I was going to just spray paint it, but I found some acrylic paint in my craft closet that matched well. You will probably have to do a few coats of paint on both the frame and letter. If you can't find a frame in the color you want get a white frame to paint. It is the easiest and smoothest to cover. If you get a dark frame like black or brown it may distort the color a bit and it won't give off the true color.

I then added the ornaments to ribbon and tied them off at different lengths. You can arrange them however you want. Once you have the desired arrangement, I used my hot glue gun to glue the ribbon behind the frame. I just got the no shatter ornaments for storing purposes. Also they are much easier to manipulate than glass. I always, always break glass ornaments. They are my nemesis! 

Lastly, add the letter and a bow. I hot glued my letter to the ornaments you can tie it to a ribbon or hang it with wire. This just looked the best with my arrangement.
To make the green bowI tied two bows and wrapped them together. I then hot glued it onto the red ribbons that are strung through the ornaments.
I now have to find a door wreath hook I like. I really love this wreath! I am so happy how it turned out. It was enjoyable to do a craft with Aria next to me, listening to Christmas music.

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