Girls can do it too!

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Growing up my dad and brother were always working on cars, motorcycles, dirt bikes. So from a young age I learned a lot about mechanics.

I have always thought it important that girls know how to take care of their own cars. It is nice having Brandon around to do it, but I want to have that knowledge just in case he is out of town, or he is not able to do it. Changing your oil, and changing a tire are things every girl should know how to do. I am still learning the tire part, but changing your oil is simple. And it saves you money. Instead of paying someone else to do it, you can have it done in  under 30 or so minutes by yourself. 

Please use standard safety procedures when changing your oil. You should always refer to your car manual before changing your oil. 

Brandon and I have a project drift car. We are slowly fixing up our 1988 Mazda RX-7. Quality oil is key for a car's performance. Pennzoil platinum full synthetic will keep your pistons cleaner, horsepower protection, and has excellent performance in extreme temperatures. It is designed to give your engine complete protection. Which is important for a track car. We get our oil, and filters from our local O'Reilly's.

Here are some tips before getting started.
More DIY oil change tricks here.

Now lets begin. ( Please make sure your car is secure and won't roll back or injure you!)

After you vehicle is safely jacked up, crawl under your car with your oil pan. Unscrew the oil cap and let the dirty oil drain. After the oil is drained make sure to screw the cap back on.

Find the oil filter and unscrew it.

Grab the new filter and lube the threading with new clean oil. Then screw it on where the old one was.

Grab the funnel and put the new oil in. Ours took about 5 quarts.

Check the oil level with your dipstick.


If you are unsure what oil and filter you need for your car O'Reilly's has reference manuals and feel free to ask for help. Just know the make, model, and year of your car.

Also make sure to properly dispose of your old oil. Take it to any local O'Reilly's and they will dispose of it for free.

Do you change your own oil?