Donating Books

So my sweet mother in law has not only started an amazing book blog, but she has started a wonderful book project. She puts together a bag of 5 or so books and an insert listing the benefits of reading to you baby. The books are then donated to needy families in the NICU.

I cannot stress to you the importance of reading to your child. Starting at a young age. I read to Aria even before she was born. Simply doing it just for the bonding time was so rewarding. As she was born and got older I could see it really made a difference. How she focuses, how she speaks. I know it was because of our reading to her. Books are so important to a child as they grow. I remember my mom reading to me every night. I have always had a love for reading. I would love to pass that to Aria. I would also love for every baby to have this amazing blessing.

How you can help donate to this project:

-You can join in this Online Usborne party. All the proceeds go to the NICU project. Not only are these books cute and fun for you little one, they are a great price. Join here. The "That's not my.," series is our favorite.

-There has been a baby registry (here) set up with Amazon for the project. The books will be shipped directly to my mother in law, who will package them up and deliver them. A lot of the books are as low as $2.05. Bilingual books are needed as well.

If you have any questions on how you can help please email me: