Aria's First Birthday

I cannot believe my baby is one! Time went by so fast. I started planning her birthday about six months prior. She showed an early love to dinosaurs. I wanted to find a way to make a dinosaur party girly. So we decided to do a dinosaur princess party. I was quite worried about it turning out but I love how it all came together. I hope you enjoy!

I started planning her party a few months in advanced. Give yourself plenty of time. I would look for things I could use on clearance. So around Easter I knew I needed things that looked like "dino eggs". So the day after Easter I grabbed all the Easter items I knew I would need for the party.

Then I researched cakes. I knew my budget would not allow a professional to make on for me. So I practiced. I found youtube videos and I practiced. For her cake I used a chocolate cake mix, and a giant cupcake mold. The tutorial is here if you want to make one yourself. I think it turned out pretty well for never having made a cake in my life.

Now for the food I just looked and made things that would go along with not only my theme but my budget. Oreo's were on sale 3 for $5 so I took advantage of that deal. Hobby lobby has baking chocolate and I used my 40% off coupon for those.  You can pretty much make any food go with any theme if you get creative. Stick to your budget!

The decorations were simple. I knew the color scheme I wanted. So I purchased the dinosaurs on amazon for way cheap, and I spray painted them gold. The table runner was another cheap find on amazon. Paper products were bought at the dollar store. The streamers and table cloth were things I had left over from other parties/showers I have thrown. Keep things that you might be able to use again. It will save you money and it's worth storing.

I stayed in budget of $100. I actually came in under at about $83,00