Wearing your colors.

When picking out an outfit. The color you put on is just as important as the fit and cut of what you are wearing. If you are in an outfit perfectly tailored to your body it can still look off if the color washes you out.

I am a firm believer in the fact anyone can wear any color. But it's the shade of that color that matters. For example I look horrible and washed out in a deep grey color. However if I wear a lighter grey or silver it doesn't wash me out. So when the color pallet says stay away from a certain color I like to try different shades of that color that work to my advantage.

How do you know what colors are right for you? Find your "season". I am a cool winter color pallet. Which means jewel tones and deep rich colors look best on me. To find your color pallet. Go out in the sunlight and look at the skin around your wrist, and the veins underneath. If they are green you are a warm tone, if they are blue you are a cool tone. 

Next we check your contrast to find your "season". A clear contrast that means you have a lot of contrast between your hair and skin. Light skin, dark hair and eyebrows. Etc. A muted contrast means you have a lighter contrast. Light skin, light hair. Dark skin, dark hair, etc. 

So you put those two results together to get your season. 

Clear+Warm= spring (Soft and pale colors are your friend, avoid dark colors with a strong contrast)

Clear+ Cool= winter (me) (Jewel Tones, and deep rich colors are key, stay away from washed out colors)

Muted+Warm= autumn (Find rich warm earth tones, stay away from clear bright colors)

Muted+Cool= summer (Pastels, neutrals and muted colors are the most flattering, avoid bright reds, oranges and blacks)

Hope this helps! And these are all suggestions. Shop around hold colors against your face, try things on in natural light. 

Outfit Details:

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